Temperature Controller factory

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TSH is dual temperature controller with two independent temperature control functions. It鈥檚 used in refrigeration equipment to prevent high temperature of compressor鈥檚 discharge, at the same time to ensure proper temperature of compressor oil. One of high temperature thermo-bulb (HT) is put in pipe of compressor discharge, another one (OIL) is in compressor鈥檚 oil sump. Protective shutdown will be performed when any one of thermo-bulbs is over temperature limit.
ModelLow sideHigh side
Temperature setting rangDifferential temperature
adjustable rangeThe highest temperature of thermo-bulbTemperature setting rangeDifferential temperature
adjustable rangeThe highest temperature of thermo-bulb
TSH160HM50鈩儈110鈩?/p>10鈩儈30鈩?/p>130鈩?/p>80鈩儈160鈩?/p>Manual reset180鈩?/p>
TSH160LHM50鈩儈110鈩?/p>Manual reset130鈩?/p>80鈩儈160鈩?/p>Manual reset180鈩?/p>
Environment temperature: -20锝?0鈩?/p>
Wire connection:diameter of wire entrance hole 15mm
Electrical Rating
Rated Voltage(V)
Rated Current(A)A.C.110A.C.220
Non-induced current20A10A
currentFull load current15A8A
Instantaneous current72ATemperature Controller factory
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