The seven rules

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(Se avete problemi con l’inglese, usate il traduttore in basso a destra.)


We are all born with a mental “size”

but it very much depends upon how we use our intelligence

and how we use intelligence depends upon our character, which by the way is formed in the first few years of our life

so even the character is very difficult to change in maturity, where the only important thing that can add to our knowledge is

experience, be it bad or good, which gives us the opportunity not to repeat many mistakes and to start new projects for fully appreciating the value of time and life.

My first rule is that “i only know that i don’t know anything”

i don’t give anything for granted and i avoid any prejudice

tabula_rasa2i don’t like lies and not even reticence, they don’t help understanding and comprehension, which are at the base of knowledge and humility and therefore at the base of wisdom

Second good rule is that “i look always at the positive side of everything”

i try to see any problem like a new opportunity

goodbadreviewsthere is always a positive side, even in the worst experiences, it is only important to have the right attitude and open eyes and open mind

(If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now.
— Marcus Aurelius Antoninus)

Third rule is that “i always look at the glass as half empty”

so i know what to fill in, and with my great pleasure

it is nice to know that one never reaches full satisfaction

Half-empty glasslife is full of surprises and i need to have the mental space to perceive those surprises and don’t overlook them

so the glass need to be always half empty, in a positive way

in other words, it is the trip that counts, more than the destination

Fourth rule, “in the world only count facts and results”

what counts is the hard work and sacrifice

words are words, opinions count even less

the truth is in facts and resultssogni-vemma

everybody should avoid wishful thinking, even though dreams are a good thing and at the base of the action which leads to facts and results

And, thinking of action, the fifth rule says that “i need to dare … no fears, never”

fears are the worst thing in life, fears take me away from risks and away from opportunities

Sprung, Risikoof course there are risks, but i need just to calculate them and accept them together with any consequences, then go on and produce results

The sixth rule is “under-promise and over-achieve”

while many people do the opposite and keep promising what they will not be able to maintain

and here it is not a question of men or women, it is valid for anybody Good-Newsand everybody is different

so, not to be wrong often, it is better not to promise anything and surprise people with good news

The seventh rule talks about “love, which is presence, attention, support, advice, eroticism, interest, respect and much more”

love-36983825-1680-1050the most beautiful thing in the world

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