I’d like you

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DSCF0214see me crying again and console me
make me laugh again and bother me

keep my hand again when i am afraid

kiss my cheeks again when i am angry
joke like a clown again when i feel pain
hug me again when my eyes start shining
dance in front of me again for teasing me

watch me sleeping again, happy and relaxed
walk again hand in hand on the side of the sea

feel again unique and lovely when i smile to you
guess again my thoughts and share them with me
coil me again by your warm body the whole night
let me again watch my movie while you watch me
caress again my neck and my feet when i feel pain
savor me again with your eyes when i am working
don’t think of nothing else again when you want me
listen to me again talking about my day and my work
think again and already of my return when i am just gone

I’d like

to spend again an afternoon with you in the shops for choosing a dress for you
we take again our bikes and you ride in front to let me smell your perfume

DSCF0196you offer me again fruit at the beginning and with the colors of each season

you leave me again some sweet words hanging on the fridge or on my heart

you inebriate again every day with my cocktail of character and masculinity
you think again every morning that life is beautiful while awakening close to me
you repeat again that i am intelligent and you love me in the middle of this strange world
to have again your head lying on my shoulder while watching an emotional movie
you see again the most beautiful cities and monuments reflecting in my amazed eyes


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